MPMKC has worked for over a decade to improve the literacy skills of the children in our community through the use of certified therapy dogs as literacy mentors. Our program was started in 2002 after reading about a program proven effective by the Intermountain Therapy Animal in Salt Lake City, Utah, that has since spread to many other states. Our Committee name was changed to Tale-Waggers™ in 2005.

Any child who wants to have fun reading with the dogs is accepted, as well as those who are struggling with reading skills and self-confidence. After all, it's fun to go to the library; it's fun to read for pleasure; and it's especially great to share this fun with a furry friend (a dog).

Experts have found that children who read at a level below their peers are often intimidated by reading aloud in a classroom setting. Thus reading becomes a chore. Children find that reading to an animal is less intimidating and less stressful than reading aloud in front of peers, teachers or parents.  This is a special and relaxing experience for the children involved in the program.
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Tale-Waggers Update

Teams who have worked our previous program are grandfathered in. For new teams we will require a CGC or certification from TDI/Delta Society and an additional test based on Sit Stay Read group certification. This test is very child centered.

All new teams will take the Sit Stay Read test. For example, John Smith has a dog with a Delta Society certification, he will still have to take and pass the Sit Stay Read test. Suzy Smith has a CGC on her dog, she will still have to take and pass the Sit Stay Read test.

Practice night for the Sit, Stay, Read test and then a testing night will be scheduled several times a year. Two MPMKC members are AKC CGC certifiers. If you are willing to help with our Tale-Waggers practice session and testing, please contact the club to let us know your availability.

Four week sessions are being planned at Mount Pleasant Veterans library. We will have a meet and greet program prior to the kick off.

Click here to learn more about Sit, Stay, Read or to find out what we look for in our Certified Reading Assistance Dogs, click here!
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