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Rally is half way between formal obedience and agility. Its the quickest growing recognized AKC competitive sport. Come out and see what fun you can have with your 4-legged partner, while you build your companion’s skills or motivate your dog for higher levels in obedience or agility. Rally encourages talking with your dog as the team negotiates a course or practiced routines.

The team of dog and handler moves continuously at a brisk, but normal, pace with the dog under control at the handler's left side. There should be a sense of teamwork between the dog and handler both during the numbered exercises and between the exercise signs; however, perfect "heel position" is not required.  Unlimited communication from the handler to the dog is to be encouraged and not penalized.  Rally provides a link from the Canine Good Citizen® (CGC) program to obedience or agility competition, both for dogs and handlers. In addition, rally promotes fun and enjoyment for dogs at all levels of competition.

Learn more about Rally at this web site:
AKC Rally - Getting Started Guide
About the Instructor
Brenda Young
Rally Obedience

Brenda Young teaches and competes in Rally and Obedience and has also taught Puppy Class for the kennel club.  Brenda has been training dogs for about 8 years and Ruby was her first "competition dog".  Brenda's dogs have titled in obedience, rally, draft and are certified for therapy work through Delta Society and Therapy Dogs International.  Brenda says: "I train using positive reinforcement.  My dog training idol is Brenda Aloff of Heaven on Arf and my favorite 'starter' training book is The Power of Positive Dog Training by Pat Miller."

Titles earned:
Companion Dog (CD)
Novice Draft Dog (NDD)
Therapy Dogs International (TDI)
Delta Society Pet Partners
Rally Novice (RN)
Rally Advanced (RA)
Rally Excellent (RE)
Canine Good Citizen (CGC).

"Ruby" Charming Ruby Angel, CD, RE, NDD, Delta Dog, CGC
"Cruise" Highview In Motion At Aladiana, CD, RE, NDD, TDI, CGC
"Haven" Aladiana's Turkhaven Spirit, CGC, TDI

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Congratulations to Cathy and Fozzie who placed First in Rally and Second in Obedience at the Midland Dog show.
About the Instructor
Sherrie Start
Canine Good Citizen
Obedience, Rally O

Sherrie Start began doing
obedience with her first
Bernese, Ti in 1991.  Sherrie
is a draft judge for the
Bernese Mountain Dog Club
of America and enjoys all
aspects of working dogs. 
Sherrie says "It is the journey that I find fulfilling.  The titles are nice but I love the time I spend with my dogs teaching them as well as learning from them."

Click here to read the Morning Sun's interview with Sherrie

Titles earned:
  • Remrock's Taiga  "Ti" UD,TDI(therapy dog), TT (temperament tested)
  • Remrock's Rough Ryder "Brady" CDX, DD (draft dog through BMD Club of Am) CGC, TDI, TT
  • CH Remrock's Kiska V Winterfest "Kiska" UD, NDD, CGC (Versatile BMD through BMDCA)
  • Valkyrie's Flight of Fancy "Piper"  UD, CGC, DD (draft dog), BNDD (brace novice draft dog)
  • CH M & M Mountain's Out Shine Them All! "Shine" CDX, RE, NJP, CGC, HIC (herding instinct tested) DD, BNDD She is a BMDCA Versatile BMD and a BMDCA Working BMD
  • CH M & M Mountain's Effervescence "Bubbles" CDX, RA, CGC,  DD, BNDD  (BMDCA Versatile BMD)
  • CH Belle Creek's Aggravated Rumor "Gabi"CDX, RE, CGC
  • CH Belle Creek's  Noel"Tessa" CGC

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