• Where can I buy (breed) of puppy?  Does the kennel club sell puppies?  The Mt. Pleasant Kennel Club does NOT engage in the sale of puppies or dogs.  However, several of our members are breeders who may have puppies available for purchase.  Before purchasing or adopting a dog, it's important to research the breed you are interested in and also learn what to look for in a responsible breeder.  To search for a specific breed of dog, visit the AKC's Breeder Referral service and AKC Classified's for reputable breeders with puppies available for sale.  You can also find many purebred and mixed breed dogs available for adoption through local rescue groups, such as HATS (Humane Animal Treatment Society) and on  If you are thinking about buying a dog, please check out the following helpful links from the American Kennel Club:
Thinking about buying a dog?
The Right Dog For You
Be a Responsible Dog Owner
Puppy Buyers Beware
Flyer: Questions to ask before choosing a dog

  • I know the American Kennel Club is all about purebred dogs, can my mixed-breed dog take classes?  Absolutely Yes!  The Mt. Pleasant Michigan Kennel Club is committed to helping ALL dogs learn and bond with their owners.  Your mixed-breed dog is welcome in any MPMKC class.  In fact, many dog sports even allow mixed-breeds to compete and earn titles.  Check out the AKC's Canine Partners program to learn more.

  • Can I watch ("audit") a class in session before deciding if I want to sign up and take a class?  Our classes fill up quickly and you must register prior to class to be enrolled.  However, if there is a class in session and you are considering joining the next set of classes, contact the instructor for the class that interests you.  At the instructor's discretion, you may be allowed to sit in and watch a class to decide if it's right for you and your dog.  Always ask first!

  • I've seen puppies for sale with CKC papers, is this the same thing as AKC?  What is the AKC?  CKC papers are not the same as being registered with the AKC.  CKC can stand for the Continental Kennel Club or the Canadian Kennel Club.  The American Kennel Club (AKC) has been around since 1884 and has long been a respected and trusted source for dog registration, education and much more.  You can visit their homepage here:  and you can learn more about the AKC by downloading this flyer:

  • I want to breed my dog, what should I do first?  The very first thing you should do is examine WHY you want to breed your dog.  If you are thinking about becoming a breeder, you should consider all aspects of breeding; from unique considerations for your breed, to the financial costs of DNA checks, vet check-ups, the possibility for c-section costs, OFA certification, eye and heart certification, genealogy verification and early puppy shots and worming.  Please consider this step only after careful research and reading the following information from the AKC: Should I Breed My Dog?  and this flyer: Being a Responsible Breeder

  • I want to show my dog, how do I get started? The Mt. Pleasant Kennel Club hosts annual Dog Shows - 2 complete shows during one weekend in June.  Visit our Dog Show page for more information.  Public is welcome to come and watch, plus you'll get the chance to see how dogs are judged and what is involved with showing dogs.  If you are interested in getting started showing your dog, consider signing up for a Conformation & Handling class to learn how to stack your dog and other important tips for success in the show ring.  Here are a few helpful pages from the AKC with more information:
Getting Started Showing Your Dog
A Beginner's Guide to Dog Shows
So You're Thinking About Entering Your Dog in a Show? 
The AKC Exhibitor Mentoring Program

  • What is a Show and Go?  A "Show and Go" is generally a practice session for obedience competitors, although it can often be open to many other dog sports, such as CGC, Freestyle, Rally or Agility.  This depends on the club or group hosting the Show and Go.  A practice ring is set up and anyone who wants to participate pays a fee to use the ring.  A major difference between a Show and Go and a real competition is that the handler can correct and reward the dog during its "run through."  Volunteering to help at a "Show and Go" is a great way to learn about obedience or other dog sports.

  • What is a Match?  A match show is a practice conformation show held on the weekend of our annual dog show.  This is also called a Puppy Match.  There are no points awarded at this "show" rather it is an opportunity for puppies to get used to being in the show environment.

  • I want to teach a class, how do I do it?  First, you would contact the Instructor Chairperson (also referred to as the Obedience Chair) and let them know you are interested in teaching.  Then you will need to assist with two different class sessions with two different instructors. 
  • Are MPMKC instructors paid to teach?  All Mt. Pleasant Kennel Club class instructors are volunteers and receive only a small reimbursement to cover time and fuel. 

  • Why are the gates to the yard around the kennel club locked?  Some of the agility equipment that is kept in the yard needs a spotter and handler so we ask that the equipment not be used by someone who has not received training.  Since this is a potential liability, the MPMKC decided to put locks on the gates.  Members may access the training yard from the door inside the building.

  • Can I use the kennel club building to practice or for other activities with my dogMembers of the Mt. Pleasant kennel club who have paid for a key may use the building for training purposes at any time, except when scheduled classes are in session or during scheduled meetings or other events that have been published in the club newsletter.  All members who do not have a key or guests who are not members will pay $10 per hour/per person for use of the building.  This fee helps cover the cost of liability insurance and is required even if the guest is training with a member who has a key.  Use of the building is on a first come/first served basis.  All members and guests who use the building are required to sign in on the clipboard and must leave the building in the same condition as when they entered: doors and gates locked, lights off, heat/air turned down, dog waste or messes cleaned up, etc.  Please help us keep the building clean and ready for anyone who wants to use it.

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